NIX Solutions: Browsers to Stop Opening Old Sites

Google plans to remove support from the Chrome browser for sites that operate over the HTTP protocol without encryption. This is due to concern for the safety of users.

NIX Solutions

Most sites have switched to the HTTPS protocol, which provides for encryption, but there are still many popular HTTP resources on the Internet.

Sites with HTTP do not provide for user registration, do not store user data, and are not used to exchange confidential information, so they do not seem to need encryption, says iGuides. However, there is a certain danger of using them – for example, providers or hackers can interfere with traffic and insert their own content on such sites.

NIX Solutions notes that most likely, HTTP support will be disabled in Chrome in the spring of 2023 with the release of version 111. It will also disappear in other Chromium-based browsers, including Microsoft Edge and Yandex Browser. Safari and Firefox run their own engines, so HTTP sites will continue to open in them.