NIX Solutions: Google Will Make It Free to Place Product Listing Ads in the Main Search

Google announced that soon, companies will be able to place product listing ads for free in the main search.

Initially, they will be displayed on the knowledge panels with information about specific products. At the same time, there will be a paid ad unit marked with a corresponding label at the top of the search results page, reports SearchEngines.

At the moment, those ads that appear on the knowledge panels are paid. Typically, these panels are displayed when the user searches for a specific product.

This summer, free product listing ads in the main search will work in the United States – first on mobile devices, and then on desktops. The company did not specify when they will become available in other countries.

As for the placement of free ads on the “Shopping” tab, this feature will be launched worldwide until the end of the year, notes NIX Solutions.

Recall that the news that the Google Shopping service will be free was announced in late April. The first country where this change was introduced was the United States.

According to Google, the innovation has already led to a significant increase in user engagement. So, the number of clicks on the “Shopping” tab increased by 70%, and impressions – by 130%.