NIX Solutions: Google Ads Warned of Falsification Policy Update

Google Ads announced an update to its misrepresentation rules. It will concern advertising of financial products and money making schemes.

The new rules will enter into force on December 28, 2020 and will begin to work in full within four weeks, notes SearchEngines.

After the update, unrealistic promises of large profits with minimal risk, effort or investment on the part of investors will be prohibited in advertisements.

Examples include such irregularities as promises of guaranteed payments that are impossible or overly high for the advertised product, presentation of investment products as risk-free, and understating risks for various investment opportunities.

NIX Solutions specifies that the violations of these rules will not result in immediate account suspension. Google Ads will notify the advertiser at least 7 days before blocking.

Companies in the industry are advised to check their ads and remove any that violate the rules by December 28th.