NIX Solutions: Facebook May Be Punished for Buying WhatsApp and Instagram

The Washington Post announced the intention of the United States federal authorities to file an antitrust charge against Facebook. It is connected with the purchase by the American company Facebook of competitors WhatsApp and Instagram.

It is reported that the charges are scheduled to be filed in early December this year. The authorities of about 40 states, led by representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties of the United States, can participate in the trial. Sources of the publication believe that these charges could turn into the largest and most complex legal case in the history of the company Facebook.

NIX Solutions reports that, according to sources, antitrust authorities have already analyzed the modifications of Instagram and WhatsApp after Facebook bought them. Among other things, the company also studied the activities of the company in managing large amounts of user data and the regulations that define how third-party developers and companies obtain permission to use this information.