NIX Solutions: Facebook Messenger Has Got Several Updates At Once

Facebook has updated its Messenger logo design: instead of the classic blue. Now it has a purple gradient, similar in style to the Instagram mark, reports Hubs. In addition, the company has added several new features, according to the Facebook website.

In this way, Facebook is trying to deepen the integration of all its services.

“Our new logo reflects a shift in the upcoming messaging, a more dynamic, immersive and integrated way to stay in touch with loved ones,” said the vice president of Messenger Stan Chudnovsky.

NIX Solutions notes that recently, the corporation announced the combined joint chat of messages in Messenger and Instagram. It will become available after a big Facebook update.

The application will have new themes for chatting with enhanced personal settings. In addition, a fade mode will appear that deletes chats.

Among the new features will be selfie stickers: users will be able to add icons to their photos. Also, there will be a message disappear feature that deletes chats after they have been read or after leaving a conversation.

The company notes that the innovations will become available to all users in the near future.

We will add, earlier Facebook launched a new resource center for mental health support Emotional Health.