NIX Solutions: GitHub Launched Testing of Copilot Voice Assistant

The GitHub service is experimenting with a system that will allow Copilot users to control the program with their voice and write code without a keyboard.

NIX Solutions

It will be enough to say “Hey, Github” to get started. “Since Copilot is our programming partner, we need to be able to talk to it. This is exactly what our team is working on. We really hope that this will allow even more developers to appreciate the benefits of Copilot – including those who find it difficult or who cannot type,” the company said.

The GitHub Next team of development engineers and researchers is working on the voice control system, says Devby. According to them, now you can ask the program to write and edit a piece of code, navigate to the required method, run the program and explain what a particular line does.

On the site you can see how the test version works, there is also a record for a “technical review” – developers collect feedback to improve the product. NIX Solutions notes that for now, voice control will only work in the Visual Studio Code editor.