NIX Solutions: Google Launches .ing Top-Level Domain

Google recently introduced a novel top-level domain, .ing, which has sparked considerable interest among businesses and organizations. The domain’s appeal lies in its representation of a common ending in the English language, making it a potentially valuable addition to online branding.


Early Access Period for .ing Domains

During Google’s early access period, businesses and users can pre-reserve .ing domains by paying an initial, one-time fee. This fee will gradually decrease daily until December 5th, when .ing domains will be made publicly available. It’s an opportunity for entities to secure their preferred .ing domains before the general release.

Pricing and Availability

Users exploring .ing domains have discovered various interesting possibilities. While some popular words ending in -ing, like and, come with a hefty price tag of $38,999.99 and $129,999.99 per year, there are also more affordable options. For example, can be acquired for just $20 per year, making it an accessible choice for those seeking a .ing domain.

Upcoming Developments

In addition to .ing, Google’s registry is working on launching a .meme top-level domain, with early access beginning on November 28 and full registration availability starting on December 5, notes NIX Solutions. This expansion offers exciting possibilities for those interested in domain names and online branding.

Explore the opportunities presented by Google’s new .ing top-level domain and secure your preferred domain name during the early access period. Whether you choose a high-profile or an affordable option, .ing domains offer a fresh perspective for online presence and branding.