NIXsolutions: Google Opens Registration for .meme TLD

Internet meme enthusiasts can now register their own .meme domain names, as Google has opened up the top-level domain (TLD) for public registration. This comes ten years after Google first submitted an application to launch the TLD.


Domain Names and Pricing

Some of the most popular meme-related domain names have already been snapped up by companies and individuals. For example, KnowYourMeme is now available at, while the GIF platform Giphy has registered the domains and

Public registration for .meme domains will open on December 5 at a base price of $19.99 per year. However, there is an opportunity to purchase the most popular names with a one-time additional payment. For example, will cost $495.99 per year, while will cost $1689 per year.

Google’s Expansion of TLDs

Google has launched a number of new TLDs in recent months, including .dad, .phd, .prof, .esq, .foo, .zip, .mov, and .nexus, notes NIXsolutions. The company says that it is committed to providing users with a wider range of options when choosing domain names.