NIXsolutions: Google Search Generative Experience – Enhanced AI Search with Images and Videos

New Dimension in Search: Images and Videos Added

The Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) powered by artificial intelligence now offers an exciting new feature – the inclusion of images and videos in search results. Experimental users who have enabled SGE under Search Labs can now enjoy a more media-rich summary above their main search results. Google is actively working to enhance the speed and informativeness of this feature.


Towards the Future of Search: A Complex and Synthesized Approach

SGE remains in an experimental phase, but Google envisions it as the search engine of the future. It goes beyond traditional link-based search, utilizing synthesis to generate up-to-date, reliable, and valuable responses. The integration of YouTube videos enhances the experience, providing links to specific chapters or segments of videos to answer users’ queries accurately.

The Crucial Elements of Context and Speed

The context of links in AI search results gains importance as Google now displays publication dates alongside articles, aiding users in assessing the relevance of information, notes NIXsolutions. Balancing self-searching with direct responses to user questions is a significant challenge. While generative AI chatbots prepare answers within seconds, the speed of the SGE function remains a concern, but Google is actively working to improve its performance.