NIXsolutions: Google Made It Easier to Identify Users on Third-Party Resources

It is annoying to constantly register on different Internet platforms, as it takes time and effort. Google has developed a set of APIs called Identity Services that accelerate authorization to sites using an account in the company’s ecosystem, says DEV.


The new method is called One Tap and in some cases literally allows you to register on a third-party site with just one click. When you click on the “Sign in with Google” button, the company will display a window with a list of active user accounts, after which – a confirmation request and a button to go to the site.

When leaving and returning to the site, the user will have access to a personalized button that will allow one click to enter under the name under which he registered on the site, explains NIXsolutions.

Android Police notes that the technology eliminates the need to store and enter usernames and passwords each time. But in exchange for the convenience of Google, it will be easier to know which sites a person visits most often.

APIs are integrated into sites using a static HTML snippet or minimal JavaScript code and are protected from various threats, such as those related to tracking pixels, clickjacking, and others. Thanks to the new technology, Pinterest saw a 47% increase in registrations on the web and 126% on Android, while returning users increased 16% and 34%, respectively. For Reddit, these two parameters (registration and re-entry) have almost doubled since the introduction of One Tap.