NIX Solutions: Google Ads Gives Perks To Advertisers With Good History

Google Ads will soon expand access to Customer Match. From autumn 2021, advertisers who did not violate the rules of the service, but do not meet all the mandatory requirements, will be able to use email lists in watch mode.

NIX Solutions

With insights, you can track the effectiveness of targeting manually selected placements, topics, or audiences without stopping your campaign. However, advertisers cannot adjust bids or exclude users whose contacts are on the list, states SearchEngines.

If advertisers meet all the requirements, then they will be able to use additional options, for example, the Targeting function and bid adjustments.

The requirements for using email lists include four points:

  • a good track record of compliance with the rules;
  • a good reputation for paying for advertising services;
  • At least 90 days of using Google Ads
  • the total amount of expenses for the entire period of the existence of the account is at least $50,000.

NIX Solutions reminds that in May, Google Ads began showing the size of potential audience when loading Customer Match lists.