NIX Solutions: Google Ads Updates

Google Ads has updated the Results Planner with new features. Among them are the ability to create a forecast for previously inappropriate campaigns, the column “Proposed changes” and additional metrics in terms of performance, according to the Google Ads post, says Aori.

Advertisers can now add campaigns that were previously considered inappropriate to their plan:

  • deleted campaigns;
  • campaigns that are active for less than 10 days from the time they were brought into compliance;
  • campaign projects and experiments.

NIX Solutions

This can be done by using past metrics or manually adding forecasts to calculate data for the entire account.

The “Proposed Changes” column has also become available in the Planner. It displays the system’s recommendations for budget and bids for a specific campaign.

Additionally, advertisers can add additional metrics to Planner. This allows you to predict the performance of your campaigns not only in terms of key metrics. For example, for those who create a plan to maximize conversions, you can add a column that shows the dynamics of the number of clicks.

Also, advertisers can select a specific time range for the historical conversion rate. This means that you can now use a historical conversion rate that is closer to the date range from the forecast, explains NIX Solutions.

The Results Planner allows advertisers to:

  • view predictions for campaigns
  • study the expected results of changing the campaign settings;
  • analyze optimization options in certain seasons (for example, holidays);
  • manage shared budgets across multiple campaigns or accounts.

Learn more about Planner in Google Ads Help.