NIXSolutions: Google Data Studio Added Search Traffic Monitoring Dashboard

The Google Data Studio team has added a new template, the Google Search Traffic Dashboard. In it, you can see how the performance of the pages of the site has changed, and identify possible problems with SEO. This is reported by Search Engine Land.


In order to work with the new dashboard, you need to go to Google Data Studio and create a Search Console data source. After that, select the URL display table, which includes the URLs of sites, images, videos, Google News, and Discover.

In the finished panel, you need to select a date range – by default, this is the last 28 days. Data can be filtered by pages, types, countries and devices.

In the “Report and Page Layout” section, Google advises setting “Display Mode” to “Fit to Width”. This will make the dashboard more convenient for mobile devices, notes NIXSolutions.

You can see how the panel looks like in the preview.