NIX Solutions: Google Docs Makes It Easier To Work With Text

Google announced a small but important update in its Google Docs text editor. The new feature allows you to simultaneously edit several blocks of text at once, which greatly simplifies and speeds up your work.

NIX Solutions

Previously, if you needed to change in some way several different words or headings scattered throughout the text, you had to select each fragment separately and apply the necessary edits to it, and then repeat this for each next block. Now Google has implemented a multi-select feature that allows you to select different parts of the text, says 4PDA. To do this, you just need to hold down Command (⌘) on macOS or Ctrl on Windows and without releasing select the desired words, after which you can apply one formatting to all at once.

By the way, the new multi-select function is not only for formatting. With its help, you can also cut/delete several paragraphs at once or add one comment to different sections of the text.

NIX Solutions notes that the new feature will be available to all users within the next two weeks.