NIX Solutions: Google Pay Update Makes It a Multifunctional Payment Service

Google has announced a big relaunch of the Google Pay app. This is reported by Hi-Tech. The update does not just add new functions, it brings the program to a new level of functionality. For example, Google Pay will be able to export photos with accounts from Gmail and Google Photos so that the user does not forget about them.

The app got three new tabs. Pay includes money transfers and contactless payment history. The Explore tab will display a variety of promotions, offers and discounts. You can connect bank accounts to Insights and take control of your finances, with search and other convenient features.

NIX Solutions states that in 2021, Google plans to announce partnerships with selected banks to better integrate bank accounts with Google Pay. After its transformation, Google Pay begins to compete with a very wide range of financial applications: from Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and PayPal to Venmo, Square Cash and others.

The new Google Pay app for iOS and Android should already be available in the App Store and Google Play for US users. This will be followed by a worldwide launch.