NIX Solutions: Google Changes To Update Its Ads-Compatible Services

Google seems to be getting serious about the quality of ads across all of its Google Ads-compatible services. It will hardly come as a revelation to anyone, especially for Android smartphone owners, that users often end up with rather questionable advertising content, such as music videos 3–5 minutes long, malware, and embellished mobile game trailers.

NIX Solutions

According to Esper’s technical editor Mishaal Rahman, pop-up full-screen ads regardless of format that appear spontaneously or do not close within 15 seconds will no longer meet the company’s standards in the near future. Google is expected to implement new ad policies for all Google Play apps, including annoying ads in games at the start of a level or before the loading screen in video, GIF, static image and other formats, says 4PDA. According to analysts, such a measure may be associated with a drop in demand for advertising from famous brands due to the clutter of the service.

In addition, the source says that on November 1, all Google Play apps will be required to comply with FLAG_SECURE and VPNService, after which apps will no longer be able to view sensitive data displayed in third-party programs or create remote access tunnels when using VPN masking.

NIX Solutions notes that the search giant plans to launch a new algorithm for filtering advertising content as early as August 31. Starting from this moment, applications that indicate false information will be prohibited from publishing in the Play Store. In addition, it is expected that a month later the vendor will introduce a new rule, according to which each application developer will be required to clearly prescribe the process for canceling a subscription (if any).