NIX Solutions: Google Started Highlighting Promotions in Search Results

Google is continuing to launch innovations designed to help retailers get the most out of the increased demand for products during the holiday season.

Last week, the company announced a major update to Smart Shopping campaigns. Another innovation is the highlighting of promotions in search results. All US retailers can now add information about sales. Previously, to use this feature, you had to fill out a special form. This will now happen automatically.

Promotional items will be shown in more locations, including:

  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Free Ads on Google Shopping
  • Google Images (mobile only)
  • Advertise local products in search results

NIX Solutions reports that Google has also added a new “Sale” filter to the “Shopping” tab in mobile and desktop search results. With its help, users will be able to quickly find promotional products.

In addition, those shoppers looking for a specific product will be able to see which retailer is offering it at a discounted price in the KNT for that product’s SERP.

Google stressed that all retailers in the United States will be able to take advantage of these updates, regardless of whether they are advertised with the help of the company or not.

Useful statistics

In its review, Google also shared some interesting shopping-related data. In particular:

  • 58% of “holiday” shoppers in the United States do not buy gifts until they are on sale;
  • 40% of buyers around the world turn to Google to find the best deals and promotions;
  • 58% of “holiday” shoppers in the United States buy products from at least one new brand;
  • 65% of holiday shoppers start shopping early to avoid inventory issues.