NIX Solutions: Google To Redesign Mobile SERP

Google announced an update to the design of search results on mobile devices. The idea is to make the SERPs more readable and add a borderless design.

NIX Solutions

These are not radical changes. The rounded and slightly shaded rectangles around the individual search results have been replaced with straight lines. The edges of the search bar have become more rounded, the logo has changed slightly, states Postium.

Google representatives explained that, in their opinion, this design is more convenient and looks friendlier. There is more white space, and individual elements on the page are more visible.

Here’s what Google designer Eileen Cheng says:

“Rethinking visual design for search is not an easy task. We’re not just trying to organize information on the web, but all of the world’s information. We started by organizing the web pages, but now there is such a variety of content, and all the information must be accessible.”

There is now more use of the Google Sans font, which previously appeared in Gmail and Android. “It was important to keep the font consistent, which also allows for faster viewing of search results,” explains Cheng.

Today’s design change is largely a continuation of the 2019 update, notes NIX Solutions. Then Google made the search results more readable, as site icons and other visual elements appeared on the page. But improving the readability of search results is a never-ending process.

If you compare the new and old versions of the page, you will see that, in fact, the changes are minor. Most users won’t even see the difference.