NIXsolutions: Bill Gates Tninks AI Will Make Search Engines Unnecessary

Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke at the AI Forward event hosted by Goldman Sachs and SV Angel. He made a prediction about the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential impact on traditional search engines. Gates believes that users will soon no longer need such systems. This development will have both positive and negative aspects.


AI-powered personal assistants: A new level of information processing

Gates claims that in the future, AI-based personal assistants will be able to read materials that a person does not have time to read on their own. This approach will allow users to get information without having to turn to search engines or spend time searching for the right products. The positive aspect is the saving of precious time, the release from advertising, phishing sites and information overwork.

Loss of Choice: Negative Consequences

On the other hand, users are deprived of freedom of choice. They will no longer be able to independently determine the data sources they trust. The ability to independently analyze information will gradually atrophy. In addition, politics and monopoly corporations can influence the overall knowledge base that AI will have access to.

Google at I/O 2023: A New Era of Search

Bill Gates’ position also resonates with Google. At the recent I/O 2023 conference, a completely new search based on the application of AI was presented. This is another confirmation that the tech giants are realizing the importance and potential of the development of artificial intelligence in the field of search.

In general, the development of artificial intelligence represents the prospect of the future of search engines, notes NIXsolutions. It introduces significant changes in the way information is received and processed. However, with the growth of AI, there are also contradictions associated with the loss of user choice and the possible influence of politics and corporations on the information bases of AI.