NIXsolutions: One By One Music Service at CES 2024

One By One Music, a startup dedicated to enhancing the well-being of pets, made a noteworthy appearance at CES 2024 by unveiling its eponymous music service designed specifically for dogs.


Service Offerings:

Users can access the One By One Music service in two ways: a free version or a subscription-based option. To begin, simply visit the website and press play. The service offers calming, instrumental music generated by artificial intelligence. The free version provides a limited duration of music, while unlocking the entire catalog requires a subscription priced at $6.70 per month.

AI-Generated Tracks and Cost Benefits:

An interesting aspect of One By One Music is its reliance on neural network technology to compose all tracks. This approach eliminates the need for royalty payments to musicians, and the service avoids legal complications associated with copyrighted material. The unique advantage lies in the continuous expansion of the music catalog as the AI algorithms consistently create new compositions.

Stress Reduction for Pets:

According to representatives from One By One Music, playing the AI-generated music is recommended when pets are left alone at home. Experiments indicate that dogs exhibit reduced stress and boredom in such situations. Evidence suggests a positive impact, as dogs tend to whine and bark less, refrain from damaging furniture and wallpaper, and avoid chewing on slippers, notes NIXsolutions.

One By One Music’s innovative approach to pet well-being through AI-generated music provides an intriguing solution for pet owners seeking to alleviate stress and loneliness in their absence.