NIX Solutions: Spotify Introduces Commenting Feature for Podcasts

The streaming service Spotify has introduced the ability to leave comments on users’ podcasts. Previously, the company provided podcast authors with opportunities to conduct surveys and answer questions. Now, content creators have another way to interact with their audience. By default, comments are private (similar to question replies), so authors must approve each comment they want to make public. Users can choose the scope of commentary availability—for the entire audio recording or only for certain episodes—or refuse to use this feature altogether.

NIX Solutions

Managing Comments and Rollout Details

Creators can manage comments in the Spotify for Podcasters web app starting today, according to Spotify VP Maya Prohovnik. The new feature is also being implemented in the updated Spotify for Podcasters mobile app, which will be rolled out in stages over the next few days. Commentary for podcast listeners will also be available starting today as part of a phased rollout in most markets where Spotify is present, notes NIX Solutions. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this rollout and any new features that may be added.

This new commenting feature enhances the interactive experience for both content creators and listeners, allowing for more engagement and feedback. Stay tuned for more updates on Spotify’s latest developments.