NIX Solutions: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022 Results

Stack Overflow has released the 2022 developer survey data. Here are some interesting figures from it.

NIX Solutions

  • The majority of developers (87%) have a college degree or higher.
  • Learning to code is a unique experience and people use a variety of tools and resources to develop their skills.
  • Using courses is Udemy’s most popular resource.
  • Experience – most respondents are in the middle of their careers.
  • Full-stack, back-end, front-end and desktop developers still make up the majority. However, many respondents said they considered themselves more than one type of developer, with DBAs, SREs, and security professionals reporting the most diversity, says AppTractor.
  • Development is still a male profession – 91.88% of the respondents are men, 5.17% are women.
  • Flutter is almost on par with React Native, having 12.64% versus 12.57%.
  • Favorite and least favorite programming languages, Kotlin and Swift, are almost on an equal footing. Objective-C is loved three times less than it is hated.
  • Frameworks and Libraries: Flutter is noticeably ahead of React Native in terms of love.
  • The most paid technologies. Objective-C may not be liked, but people pay more for it ($83,165) than for Swift ($78,468). And the average payment for Kotlin is “only” $69,318. NIX Solutions notes that the payment for the year has increased significantly in all languages. For example, the median salary for a Swift developer has gone from $58,910 to $78,468.
  • 42.98% of developers work completely remotely. 42.44% work in hybrid mode, completely offline – only 14.58%.
  • 88% of professional developers code outside of work, of which 73% code as a hobby.

The results of the previous 2021 study are here.