NIXsolutions: StoreKit 2 and New Server APIs Launched in the App Store

As part of the release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8 this week, Apple also launched StoreKit 2, a suite of in-app purchases and subscriptions APIs. The new tools will help developers better track and support purchases made by their users, rather than relying on third-party solutions to do so.


The new version has an API for “determining product eligibility and eligibility for offers, quickly retrieving in-app purchase history, determining the latest subscription status with one simple check,” and most importantly, enabling users to manage subscriptions and request refunds directly from application. Apple is also updating the App Store server APIs and notifications so developers can know in real time when a user’s subscription is about to expire and possibly offer a free renewal, says AppTractor.

NIXsolutions notes that StoreKit 2 features only work on devices with iOS 15. Apps that still support older versions of Apple OS are recommended to use the original StoreKit. That gap could widen over time: Apple allows users to stay on iOS 14 and simply receive security updates. Given the long lifecycle of the company’s products, there are likely to be many older iPads and iPhones. However, StoreKit 2 and StoreKit are compatible: “Purchases made using the original StoreKit API will continue to be available through the new StoreKit 2 APIs,” writes Apple.