NIX Solutions: Telegram Enhances Search Rankings

This month, Telegram introduced a significant change to its search algorithm, aiming to improve the user experience and combat spam more effectively.

NIX Solutions

Prioritizing Real Subscribers

As the messenger’s founder, Pavel Durov, clarified, the previous search system displayed public channels based on their audience size, which worked well initially. However, this approach increasingly attracted spammers. To counter this issue, Telegram now gives precedence to channels with a substantial number of authentic subscribers.

Premium Subscribers Gain Higher Visibility

Under the new system, channels with a considerable number of Premium subscribers will appear higher in search results. However, users who join an excessive number of channels will no longer significantly boost those channels’ search rankings. Additionally, the revamped search algorithm prioritizes results from a user’s own country.

According to Durov, the response to this change has been overwhelmingly positive, notes NIX Solutions. Oversubscribed channels are now less prominent, allowing more useful groups and mini-apps to attract a larger user base.