NIXSolutions: UK’s New Rules Protecting Children’s Online Privacy

The UK data supervisor is targeting social media and gaming companies, introducing new child protection rules that go into effect next week.

The Children’s Code introduces new data protection rules for online services such as apps, online games, and websites and social networking sites that children can access. These include age checks and restrictions on what data is collected, as well as location tracking bans and techniques designed to encourage children to share more data, says MMR.


The new rules, formally known as the Age Compliance Code, were introduced in September 2020 with a 12-month grace period to allow companies to adapt to the change.

Speaking earlier this year, Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham urged businesses to ensure that the new standards are met by the deadline.

Violation of the new code will incur the same penalties as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, including a fine of up to four percent of global turnover for non-compliance, notes NIXSolutions.

“I believe that in the next decade, children’s codes will be adopted in many jurisdictions, and we will look back and find it surprising that children have never had such mandatory protection,” Denham said.