NIX Solutions: Vivaldi 6.6 Web Browser Released

This week marks the release of Vivaldi 6.6, the first desktop browser update of the year, introducing several noteworthy features and enhancements as outlined in the developers’ blog.

The Vivaldi web panel, designed for pinning preferred sites, now supports extensions. Developers can seamlessly adapt their extensions to function with web panels through a specialized API, enhancing the overall browsing experience.

NIX Solutions

Enhanced Permissions Management:

Managing site permissions becomes more straightforward with the new version. Users can conveniently view all permissions for web pages in the browser settings, allowing for global settings applicable to all sites or customized adjustments for individual web pages.

Forced Dark Theme:

To alleviate discomfort during nighttime browsing, Vivaldi users can now force a dark theme across all sites through browser settings. This feature ensures a consistent and comfortable experience, even on websites that do not inherently support the dark theme.

Improved Translator:

Addressing user feedback, the built-in translator undergoes a significant upgrade in the new version. Developers have revamped its server component, resulting in improved speed and enhanced translation quality for various languages.

Advanced Mail Client Search:

The mail client introduces advanced search capabilities, allowing users to filter messages based on multiple criteria. Configured searches can be saved as filters, automating the sorting of received correspondence into designated folders.

Ongoing Development:

Developers are actively working on making the browser portable, with features like importing/exporting notes and reading lists already implemented, adds NIX Solutions. Notes support Markdown markup, while reading lists support the Instapaper CSV format, enabling seamless data transfer between Vivaldi browsers.

Quality Improvements:

In addition to new features, developers have made several changes aimed at enhancing the overall application quality. The full list of changes is available on the support page.

Explore the Vivaldi 6.6 update and download it from the official website to enjoy an improved browsing experience.