NIX Solutions: 58% of Webmasters Never Seen Web Stories in Google SERP

ViacomCBS lead SEO analyst Jon Henshaw posted a survey on Twitter to find out how webmasters feel about the new Web Stories format, which is actively promoted by Google.

A total of 648 votes were received.

According to the survey, 58.5% of respondents have never seen Web Stories in search results at all. 33% always skip such results, and only 8.5% like them.

Thus, this format has not yet become widespread, despite strong calls from Google for its use.

NIX Solutions reminds that earlier this month, the official Web Stories plugin for WordPress received its first major update. It now features GIFs, text templates and video subtitles.

Also note that Web Stories is a new content format at Google that was originally called AMP Stories. The search engine introduced AMP Stories in 2018. They are publications that consist of multiple screens with images or videos. In May 2020, Google renamed AMP Stories to Web Stories.