NIX Solutions: Windows Popularity Statistics

Analytical company Statcounter has updated statistics on the popularity of various versions of Windows over the past month. The study revealed that Windows 10 is still in first place with a share of 71.9%. However, the most notable fact is the drop in Windows 11 numbers – their share fell from 23.11% in April to 22.95% in May. This decrease is due, according to analysts, to the high system requirements of the new operating system, which supports a limited number of processors.

NIX Solutions

At the beginning of June, the presence of previous versions of Windows on the market is as follows:

  • Windows 7 – 3.61%
  • Windows 8.1 – 0.72%
  • Windows 8 – 0.37%
  • Windows XP – 0.32%

Despite this, Microsoft continues to convince users of the need to switch to a new operating system, notes NIX Solutions. It is known that support for Windows 10 will end in October 2025, and the current release build 22H2 will be the last one. Until the end of the life cycle of the operating system, users will receive only security patches.

Thus, Windows popularity statistics show that Windows 10 continues to hold the lead, while Windows 11 is facing a loss of popularity due to the demands on system resources.