NIX Solutions reports: A Weekly Summary of the Site Appeared in Yandex.Webmaster

As reported by SearchEngines, Yandex.Webmaster has launched a weekly website summary. It will reflect:

  • critical site problems;
  • changes to pages in search and their statuses;
  • pages, links to which scored the most clicks in search and the most impressions from Monday to Sunday;
  • the dynamics of clicks on the site as a whole;
  • dynamics of clicks on requests.

All Webmaster users who have not subscribed to the full weekly summary of individual sites will gradually begin to receive a summary (over several weeks). Those who are not ready to wait can subscribe to the full newsletter right now, the first letter will arrive early next week.

The full weekly summary contains detailed information about the site and Turbo pages, as well as news from the Webmaster’s blog. An email with statistics for the past week comes at the beginning of the next.

Each user on one site can receive only one type of summary. Therefore, if the webmaster is subscribed to the full summary, they will receive only it.

NIX Solutions reminds that in May Yandex.Webmaster added the Turbo Summary section. Here webmasters will be able to estimate the share of traffic to Turbo pages for any period, view examples of pages without Turbo versions and download a list of URL pages in CSV format (100 pages with the highest traffic).