NIX Solutions: Yandex.Webmaster Has a New Section “Turbo Summary”

Yandex.Webmaster started showing extended statistics on Turbo pages in a special summary, creating a new section for this – “Turbo Summary”, reports SearchEngines.

Using the tools of the section, webmasters will be able to:

  • estimate the share of traffic to Turbo pages for any period;
  • view sample pages without Turbo versions;
  • download a list of URL pages in CSV format (100 pages with the highest traffic);
  • track problems and quickly fix errors to avoid losing traffic;
  • receive recommendations for the most efficient use of Turbo technology.

NIX Solutions reminds that at the end of April, the website speed index began to be displayed in the Yandex.Webmaster Achievements and Statistics section. The site speed index is calculated based on the transitions of users to the site from the search results of Yandex Browser.

And at the beginning of the week it became known that Yandex.Webmaster will begin posting collections of interesting articles and materials from users on its blog and Zen channel.