NIXsolutions: YouTube Began to Rewind videos to the End if an Ad Blocker Noticed

Watching YouTube videos without ads and for free is becoming increasingly difficult. It has become known that videos on the platform are now scrolled to the very end if an ad blocker is installed on the user’s device. This means that soon the only option for watching ad-free videos on the platform may be to sign up for a paid YouTube Premium subscription.


Over the past few months, YouTube has been systematically tightening its policy regarding ad-blocking tools. Last year, the platform displayed a message asking people to disable their ad blocker and prevented playback if the user ignored the prompt. This has led to some of the audience actually stopping using blockers on YouTube, but new workarounds have emerged to watch videos without ads.

Recent Developments and User Experience

This week, many users of the platform noticed that videos began to jump to the very end a few seconds after they started playing. However, after disabling the ad blocker, the video starts playing normally. The service behaves in a similar way when replaying videos and when trying to go to watch a certain part of the video. In some cases, the video does not jump to the end but simply takes an infinitely long time to load. Based on this, users concluded that this was a deliberate move on YouTube’s part to discourage the use of ad blockers.

This may well be true, but so far, official representatives of the service have not confirmed the tightening of the platform’s policy regarding blockers, adds NIXsolutions. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Possible Technical Issues

This could also be a problem with the blocker itself, since this has happened before. Earlier this year, an AdBlock bug caused YouTube videos to load slowly and increase the load on your computer’s processing power. Then, many also blamed YouTube, but in fact, it turned out that the problem was AdBlock. According to the source, currently AdBlock users also most often encounter the problem of video playback on the platform.