NIX Solutions: YouTube Launches Thumbnail Test Tool for Creators

YouTube has announced a new Thumbnail Test and Compare tool for content creators. Now, authors will be able to test up to three versions of thumbnails simultaneously, compare their effectiveness, and choose the one that attracts the most viewers.

How the Tool Works

This feature was first announced in June last year but was initially available to a limited number of users. YouTube now says the tool will be available to all content creators in the coming weeks.

Creators can upload up to three thumbnail options for one video. YouTube will show them randomly to different viewers and then choose the winning one based on which thumbnail gets the most views. Creators will be able to track statistics in real time and compare the effectiveness of different thumbnails. It may take a few days to two weeks to get final results. The final report for the most successful preview will be marked “Winner.” A “Preferred” label may also be displayed if one of the thumbnails outperforms the others, but the result is not clear-cut, notes NIX  Solutions.

Real-World Impact and Availability

Although the tool makes recommendations, the final choice still rests with the video creator. The new feature is only available in the web version of YouTube Studio on your computer.

The testing results for some popular channels are interesting. For instance, the author of the MrBeast channel found that thumbnails in which his mouth is closed generate more views. As a result, in most of the new thumbnails, MrBeast now poses with his mouth closed.

This new feature from YouTube will allow content creators to experiment and optimize video thumbnails to attract more traffic and viewer attention. We’ll keep you updated as more creators start using this tool and share their experiences.