NIX Solutions: Microsoft is Testing Image Creator in Bing

Microsoft has added its new Image Creator tool to Bing search results, designed to create images from a text description using AI.

NIX Solutions

Some Bing users have noticed a new button in their image search results that prompts them to create any image.

Clicking on the button opens the Image Creator interface that Microsoft announced in October 2022. The service can convert text into an image using AI and DALL-E 2 technologies. Learn more about Image Creator in this video.

The experts, who were in the test group, liked the innovation, however, they doubt the possibility of its full implementation in Bing because of the numerous legal issues related to copyright on the Internet, says SearchEngines.

NIX Solutions reminds that in early February, Microsoft introduced a new version of Bing search based on AI with an intelligent chat bot for answering complex questions and the ability to generate content. The new search is based on the latest OpenAI language model designed specifically for search, more powerful than that used in ChatGPT. Microsoft engineers developed their own way of working with this model, calling the resulting set of methods and capabilities the Prometheus model.