NIX Solutions: Google Employees Spoke About Plans for 2021

In the latest episode of the 2020 Search Off the Record podcast, Google employees John Mueller, Gary Ilsh, and Martin Splitt took stock of their work over the past year, and discussed plans for the new year 2021.

According to Mueller, the search team is preparing a lot of “really big” innovations, but it is “super secret”, so he did not disclose the details.

One of these updates will be the already announced Google launch of the new Page Experience ranking signal, and Core Web Vitals metrics are its part. Google will definitely be focusing on areas like loading speed and user experience in the new year.

Also, Google developers continue to work on Search Console and new features in this service. Mueller constantly monitors feedback from webmasters on Twitter and other sites and informs engineers about their wishes.

There is usually some time between plans and launches, but there will definitely be new features in Search Console in 2021. At the same time, Mueller again did not name anything specific, since Google usually tries not to pre-announce what is under development.

As for the Search Off the Record podcast, new episodes will continue to be released, there are no plans to close the project.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and there is still no opportunity to conduct offline events, Google plans to continue to actively shoot videos on issues that are relevant to site owners.

Martin Splitt also revealed that he plans to launch a new video series titled “SEOs and Devs” and has already made arrangements with several interesting guests, notes NIX Solutions.