NIX Solutions’ report: 5 parameters of mobile apps that will be important in 2020

The global mobile applications market can reach $ 131 billion by 2021 with the downloads number of 352.9 billion, according to And according to experts, you should focus on the following five trends when developing applications next year.

1. 5G

Many are eagerly awaiting the widespread adoption of 5G connectivity, which will meet the daily growing needs of users. According to rough estimates, 5G will work a hundred times faster than 4G. In addition, the new standard will help improve data protection, as well as AR and 3D games development, says RusBase.

2. Beacon technology

Beacon technology allows companies to send notifications to people on whose smartphones their application is installed. For example, as soon as a buyer approaches a particular store, the gadget will immediately inform them.
How does it work? Beacons are placed around the outlet, which can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth and send them a signal that opens the desired application. The client sees the message when it starts.

Beacon technology is used by clinics, hotels and other businesses; in general, it is suitable for representatives of almost all industries, states NIX Solutions.

3. Artificial Intelligence

According to rough estimates, by 2025 the global market for artificial intelligence will reach $ 190 billion. AI is also actively used in mobile applications: it allows you to launch services providing, for example, distance calculation, data accounting, consumer behavior analysis, etc.

4. Instant start

Applications with instant launch (Instant Apps) do not require downloading. This name was given to them by Google, which first proposed such a solution in 2016.

The ability to access the service without downloading attracts many users. Such applications are smaller and more convenient than their regular versions. In addition, they offer website functionality without using device memory.

5. Accelerated Mobile Web Pages

Along with Twitter, Google created the technology AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to increase the loading speed of mobile versions of web pages. It helps application developers reduce bounce rates and increase productivity.
Accelerated mobile pages are also able to retain users and improve their experience. Google has already announced the official integration of AMP in its mobile search.

Along with this, the company announced the launch of a function that will highlight sites that are convenient for viewing from a smartphone. That is why it will be important to develop applications based on AMP technology in 2020.