NIX Solutions’ compilation: 10 Instagram services for SMM specialists

Together with VC, NIX Solutions have collected in this article the services that are useful to an SMM specialist for working on Instagram. They simplify the work greatly and in some cases you really can not do without.

For posting

smm box

Using this service, you can do pending posts and stories, which will simplify the work. In addition, search for viral content on social media is available. Using the filter, you can easily find the most popular posts by your subject. You can adapt them to your groups, adding unique information, and get the attention of the audience. You can adapt the content to different social media if you work in smm-box with multiple accounts. There is a photo editor, you can immediately crop the photo to the desired size of the social network, choose the color and size of the logo.


Service similar to smm-box. You can do postponed posts and stories. In addition to the photo editor, there is a video editor, which is very convenient. The advantage of SmmPlanner is that it can be used for free, having received 100 free posts. To do this, you need to register on the service, subscribe to social networks and click the “get free posts” button. Posts will be awarded every month.


Also a delayed posting service. You can plan posts, create and publish stories, correspond in directories, watch a feed. Comments are also available.

For processing photos and videos

The most popular – Lightroom and Photoshop – are not described here, you already know about them.

Video Splitter – Story Split

An application that will help cut the video for the story in 15-second segments. You can set the length of the clip manually if 15 seconds does not suit you.


App for iOS and Android for photo editing. There are good free filters. With their help, you can make an account in one style. Manual settings are also available, you can create your own filter and use it constantly. Also in the editor you can make an inscription in the photo.


Application for iOS and Android for dynamic photos and special effects. With it, you can make the objects in the photo move. For example, clouds, a waterfall, smoke moving on a photo look spectacular. Be sure to try this tool to surprise your subscribers.


A similar application for creating live photos which are very spectacular. By the way, inspiration can be drawn from the service account on Instagram. There are examples of work created using this application.


Probably one of the most popular services. Can be used for free. In most cases, it can replace Lightroom and Photoshop. Here you can select beautiful frames for the text in the photo, elements for the picture, develop logos, business cards, menus, arrange all the pictures in one style, select the necessary fonts. A real find for SMM-booths.


Application for processing photos and videos. In it, you can mount video, add music, select the desired format for stories and posts. There are filters for photos and manual settings. In Inshot, you can make a collage. The plus is that the application is free and with it you can immediately post work on Instagram.

Service for working with comments and messages


Using this service, you can send newsletters to your subscribers, track new messages and comments, reply to them in your personal account. If you have many messages in DM, this service will become your indispensable assistant.