NIX Solutions’ findings: Blockchain application for monitoring car condition

The Indian startup Smart Sight Innovation (SSI) has developed a blockchain application that will facilitate maintenance and monitoring of the condition of the car, says News.Finance.

The American company that ordered the mobile application works in the fields of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. The application is available for Android OS. It allows you to track the main tasks associated with the car – repair, compliance with the requirements of local road departments and so on. It can also warn owners of routine maintenance and provide images of parts necessary for repairs. The application should free drivers from paper work related to the maintenance and inspection of the car.

“Since inspection reports are digitally available, vehicle drivers can submit them at the request of law enforcement agencies. SSI engineers have created both a mobile application and a website version. It is based on the HyperLedger blockchain; Android Studio and the Java programming language were used to develop the mobile application,” the press release said.

Startup SSI used the HyperLedger blockchain to develop the application. In this case, all data can be saved in formats compatible with the software of American departments that check cars, specifies NIX Solutions.