NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Business Added Support for QR Codes and the Ability to Share Catalogs

Facebook announced the launch of two new features in the WhatsApp Business application – support for QR codes and the ability to share catalogs of goods and services.

The company also reported that the monthly application audience has exceeded 50 million users, notes SearchEngines.

QR codes

Customers can now send messages to companies by scanning the QR code of their business account.

If desired, business owners will be able to change the default message.

The unique QR code will remain in effect until the company discards it or deletes its business account.


Companies also got the opportunity to share information about goods or services with new and current customers by sending them their catalog.

More detailed information about this innovation has also been added to the Help, specifies NIX Solutions.

Both features are launched for WhatsApp Business users around the world.