NIX Solutions on UI/UX Design Trends in 2020

Despite the fact that most of the trends have already occurred last year, in 2020 they will also continue to please us. Let’s talk about them and new trends that will soon pursue us everywhere. Resource wrote the article and NIX Solutions translated it for you.

Mobile First

Historically, the site should be convenient for the desktop and that’s not what happened for mobile devices. With new trend, everything has changed and sometimes the desktop version for the site is completely useless. According to research, 57% of search engine traffic falls on mobile, so this is an opportunity to think twice now.

Dark theme

We began to see a dark theme literally everywhere: from the shell of the operating system to the popular applications that we use daily. Many designers will follow this and use the dark mode for their applications and sites, so expect to see more and more dark modes this year.

Predictability and Simplification

Designers will begin to look for new forms of user interaction. For example, when users would be approaching the “Next” button,  the app would immediately tell them that they did not fill out something, thereby preventing them from unnecessary actions.

Bright colours

Bright colors have been an important trend in the last two years and 2020 will be no exception. Saturated, vibrant and even extremely bright colors will continue to exist everywhere.

Interface Illustrations

For several years, illustrations have been one of the most popular design trends. Illustrations are a visual interpretation of a concept that allows the user to better understand the idea behind the product. In addition to the fact that some good illustrations add originality to the concept, they quickly transmit the message to the user.


Storytelling is used in design to help the user in the journey on your platform so that their experience is as easy as possible (in UX design).

A good story helps the user to better understand the product. To tell a story, we can use a character to whom we attribute personality, we create a story and a conflict that is ultimately resolved by our product (UI design). This is the basis of the narrative in product design.

Animated Graphics and Micro Interactions

We believe that animation is the main trend of the current and upcoming year. In 2020, it will especially manifest itself in the design of the user interface. It adds power to illustrations, facilitates the assimilation of ideas and remains in the user’s memory.

Micro interactions also play an important role in order to make the user understand how the system works, direct them to solve problems and leave a positive impression about the convenience of the interface.

Video in UI

No, we are not talking about background videos or Flash times. In 2020, information should reach the user very quickly, and this is best done using video content.

Video content is required for any website or application. For example, showreel for web studios provides a quick understanding for a potential client about who you work with, what you do and what your quality is.


An important part in the design of the user interface is functionality, that is, each element is selected depending on its purpose and function. Many people think that they need to choose between design and functionality, but with the new technologies these two concepts combine very well and complement each other, says

Design is responsible for drawing attention to a site or application and functionality makes it easier to perceive. This makes the user quickly find the right information.

Attention to detail

Great attention to detail is very important in user interface design. From buttons and loading elements to navigation – small details make our design unusual and unforgettable.

Next year we will see fewer and fewer buttons, as well as tougher navigation. For example, the back button, the main Android navigation item, officially disappears from Android 10.


Yes, yes, from year to year we talk about gradients in design, this trend will continue in 2020, so they are also worth mentioning. Fresh colors are the perfect choice for a successful gradient. They can be used in buttons, icons, illustrations, and even typography.