NIX Solutions: Google To Change Rules for Signing in on November 9

Starting November 9, the conditions for logging into Google accounts will change for all users. Two-factor authentication will become mandatory and necessary, which implies confirmation by SMS when logging into an account.

NIX Solutions

At the moment, two-factor authentication is not required and you can log into mail and other Google services by login and password. But from November 9, confirmation of entry by SMS will be activated automatically. There will be no other way to enter the services, notes NIX Solutions.

Google is already recommending that everyone switch to two-factor authentication in order to prepare in advance for the new rules of the service.

This decision was dictated by the fact that stealing passwords from services and devices is the most common type of hacking of common accounts. As noted, the new measure will increase the security of users and save them from the unpleasant consequences of a possible hacking.

In a blog post, the company said, “By the end of 2021, we plan to automatically enroll approximately 150 million Google users with 2-Step Verification and require 2 million YouTube developers to enable it.”