NIXSolutions: Apple Unblocked Epic Games Access to App Store

Epic Games, in its 2023 review, shared a significant development – Apple has reinstated its developer account. This move enables iPhone users to once again access Fortnite, marking a positive turn in their contentious relationship. Additionally, Epic Games disclosed its intent to launch a dedicated mobile game store in Europe.


Unlocking Possibilities: Fortnite’s Return to iOS

Back in January, Epic Games had revealed plans to introduce its game store for iOS, signaling the potential return of Fortnite to iPhones. The uncertainty surrounding Apple’s stance on reinstating Epic Games’ developer account loomed. The account had been suspended in 2020 when Epic Games implemented an independent payment system for Fortnite on iOS, circumventing the App Store and triggering a protracted legal battle. Apple, however, had not restored the developer account throughout the legal proceedings, notes NIXSolutions.

The Impact of European Legislation: Digital Markets Act (DMA)

The dynamics shifted in light of the impending implementation of the European “Digital Markets Act” (DMA). This legislation mandates Apple to open the iOS ecosystem to third-party app stores within the EU. Consequently, Epic Games seized the opportunity, announcing plans to launch its game store this year. Despite the apparent progress, criticisms abound, with CEO Tim Sweeney and other developers expressing discontent over Apple’s revised policies, deeming alternative app stores and payment systems financially unviable.