NIX Solutions: Apple, Google and Microsoft Move to Authorization Without Passwords

Apple, Google and Microsoft announced the launch of a unified password-free authorization standard on mobile, desktop and browser platforms in 2023. Passwordless authentication will be available on both Android and iOS, as well as Windows and macOS.

NIX Solutions

A single standard based on cryptographic keys was developed by the FIDO Alliance together with the World Wide Web Consortium. The main device for logging in to applications will be a smartphone, and biometrics or a PIN code will be used. The user does not need to remember login information or risk security by reusing the same password in multiple places.

Security will be provided by a unique passkey crypto token, which is transferred between the smartphone and the site only when the device is unlocked, notes NIX Solutions. Such a system makes it much more difficult for hackers to hack data remotely, since access to a physical device is required to enter the system. Passkeys can also be easily synced to a new device from a cloud backup in case you lose your smartphone.

Such measures are supposed to prevent successful phishing attacks that trick a user into sharing passwords with hackers and scammers.