NIX Solutions: Brave Browser Will “Repeal” Google’s Popular Tech

The new version of the application will have the original De-AMP function. As its name suggests, it prevents “fast” web pages rendered using Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology from loading. The innovation is designed to reduce the amount of personal user data collected by the search giant.

NIX Solutions

According to 4PDA, the company took such a step to ensure the privacy of browser users. The developers claim that AMP technology allows Google to collect information about PC owners, and in some cases slows down the loading of sites. The tech giant has also been repeatedly criticized for prioritizing “fast pages” in search results.

When De-AMP is enabled, the browser automatically directs users to the original website even when clicking on the link with the AMP version. If possible, the application automatically changes the URL in the address bar to the “correct” one even before the site is loaded, and if this is not possible, it prevents the execution of the corresponding HTML code on the PC and still navigates to the full version of the web page.

NIX Solutions notes that the innovation is already available in test builds of the browser and will become publicly available with the release of the public version 1.38.