NIX Solutions: ChatGPT Might Destroy Google’s Business in 2 Years

Artificial intelligence could eliminate the need for search engine result pages, which is where Google makes most of its money.

NIX Solutions

Gmail creator Paul Buchheit said that ChatGPT could be a real threat to Google. The corporation’s advertising business may start to crumble in a couple of years. And this applies not only to Google, but also to all other search engines, said Buchheit. Interesting Engineering writes about it.

Launched in November last year, ChatGPT is able to express itself in a conversational style without hundreds of different inappropriate answers from search engines, giving the user the opportunity to ask additional and clarifying questions.

Google’s advertising business is based on the fact that the company sells ads in search results for various queries. In 2021, Google generated more than $250 billion in revenue, its best revenue in nearly 25 years of existence.

NIX Solutions notes that with the rise of ChatGPT, Google’s search engine may become irrelevant as users seek simple answers to their questions rather than a long feed of listing pages.