NIX Solutions reports: Microsoft Created Deepfake Recognizing Tool

Microsoft has released a new tool for video analysis. It can determine if the content was created using deepfake technology, which allows you to change people’s faces on video. This is reported by TechCrunch.

The tool was named Video Authenticator. The system can analyze video in real time. It is able to detect in the frames signs that their content has been corrected and tells the chase of the video being manipulated in percentage, notes NIX Solutions. Even those that are invisible to the human eye. These include “fading” or gray pixels at the edges of objects, for example, at the edges of a face inserted into the frame.

Deepfakes may be created for the entertainment purposes, and here people can only be glad the technologies make progress in such a pace. Yet still there are always some people wanting to turn these tools to their own advantage. Microsoft wants Video Authenticator to help recognize deepfake videos that were created to mislead people. Especially for Americans, this topic is relevant in connection with the upcoming presidential elections.