NIX Solutions: Discord’s Response to Bot Spying

In early April, Discord faced an alarming incident involving extensive bot spying, prompting swift action from the platform. Bots intercepted over 4 billion public messages, including voice data, from 620 million users across major Discord servers. The compromised data was then put up for sale on for £4 ($5) per user, posing concerns about privacy and security.

NIX Solutions

Investigation and Action

Discord’s security team launched a thorough investigation into the incident, leading to the suspension of accounts linked to Legal actions against the perpetrators are also being considered. According to Discord, the compromised accounts accessed servers through open channels or valid invites, accessing information available to any regular user.

User Data and Security

While personal correspondence and data beyond publicly shared content appear to be safe, concerns remain regarding the potential motives behind the breach.’s owner is allegedly affiliated with the Kiwi Farms forum, known for online harassment activities. However, there’s no evidence suggesting the compromise of personal information beyond what users shared on their profiles, notes NIX Solutions.

As Discord continues to address the aftermath, users are advised to review their privacy settings and remain vigilant. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments regarding this incident.