NIX Solutions: Installing Apps from Google Play Will Be Faster

Google has announced a feature to optimize the installation of Android applications from the branded store. The innovation will not only speed up the process, but also save space on the internal storage of the gadget, as well as increase the battery life of user devices, reports 4PDA.

Usually, applications downloaded from Google Play are installed in one capacious package, often with a number of unclaimed packages. Enabling Optimization Mode will allow Google to identify the most popular app features. Having studied the priorities of a large number of users, the company will be able to optimize the structure of the software itself. When downloading from Google Play, the key components of the program will be launched first.

Thus, the owner of the gadget will be able to launch the desired application faster, and the installation of non-critical components will continue in the background as needed. It is expected that this approach will at the same time reduce the load on the hardware and improve the autonomy of mobile devices, notes NIX Solutions.

Google assures that by enabling the function, the company does not collect any personal data about the user, as well as information about the content uploaded to the application. If desired, they can turn off the optimization mode in the Google Play settings menu. The date of the availability of the innovation will be announced by the company later.