NIXsolutions: Game Boy Emulator Appeared in Apple App Store

Last week, Apple made a significant update to its App Store guidelines, allowing emulators of older gaming platforms to be listed on the platform. This change has led to the swift appearance of iGBA, a free Game Boy emulator tailored for iPhone and iPad users.


Emulator Accessibility and Features

Despite being based on the open-source GBA4iOS project and featuring built-in advertisements, iGBA functions as a comprehensive emulator, fully compatible with Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color ROM files sourced from the internet. Notable features include saving states, virtual controller customization, haptic feedback integration, and seamless image transmission to external screens via AirPlay.

Implications and Questions

However, the relaxation of App Store regulations raises questions regarding the legality of downloading software images from the internet, as they may be subject to licensing restrictions, notes NIXsolutions. If the appearance of iGBA on the App Store is not an oversight, it signals the beginning of a new era for emulation enthusiasts on iOS devices.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments in the realm of game emulation on the App Store.