NIX Solutions: GitHub Launches Interactive Github Skills Courses

GitHub has launched Github Skills, a new learning platform that will replace the current Learning Labs.

NIX Solutions

Git and GitHub are an endless space for learning. And there are a huge number of manuals that vary greatly in quality. GitHub Skills should be the official guide and standard for learning all the features of GitHub.

Taking GitHub Skills courses is free in public repositories and self-hosted runners, but if you want to use GitHub Skills in a private repository, it’s free until you use your account’s monthly free GitHub Actions minutes, says AppTractor.

You can also use the free open source course templates to create your own courses for your project, team or company.

Courses currently available, ordered from introductory to advanced:

  • Introduction to GitHub
  • Communicate with Markdown
  • GitHub Pages
  • View pull request
  • Resolving merge conflicts
  • Hey GitHub Actions
  • Continuous Integration
  • Publishing packages

Official site of the project:

NIX Solutions adds that recently, the GitHub blog announced that the Copilot AI tool has become available to all developers through a subscription. Only students and developers of popular open source projects can use the service for free.