NIX Solutions: Gmail Service Disruption

Reports from online sources highlighted a significant glitch within Gmail’s email service, causing delays in the delivery of messages. On November 30, at 20:30 Moscow time, Google officially acknowledged the issue after users started experiencing difficulties while interacting with the service.

NIX Solutions

Affected Users and Impact

The glitch primarily impacted Gmail users in the United States, as indicated by data from Downdetector. Interestingly, personal mailbox users encountered relatively swift delivery of their messages, whereas messages sent from corporate Workspace addresses experienced substantial delays, failing to reach recipients promptly.

Resolution and Ongoing Investigation

The disruption spanned several hours before Downdetector observed a stabilization in the situation, notes NIX Solutions. However, the root cause behind this service failure remains undisclosed. Google has refrained from providing an official statement or comment regarding the incident, leaving the cause of the glitch unresolved.